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These design elements are the difference between a static pool and all-around dynamic and tranquil environment. The water feature, no matter how simple it may be, will act as the centerpiece that creates a natural calming outdoor living space that your whole family will enjoy

Wet Deck

A Wet Deck (also referred to as a Thermal Ledge or Baja Deck) is an extended or oversized step within the pool usually large enough to place a couple of chairs. It can be submerged at various depths to best accommodate the family. Installing an umbrella sleeve during the construction allows for removable shade while enjoying the refreshing water.

2021-07-02 11.53.17.jpg


The sights and sounds of moving water greatly contribute to mood and style whether subtle or bold. Cascading Spillways are ideal for creating a waterfall effect with multiple changes in level. Added to one side of an elevated built in spa allows warm water to flow into the body of the swimming pool. Operated by a multiple speed pump, the feature can increase in intensity from a gentle trickle to gushing.


Floating Step Pads, Floating Tables, & Underwater Seating 

Floating Pads and Floating Tables don’t actually float since they are made of concrete, they are just built to appear that way. Underwater Seating usually accompanies a floating table, but may be installed for a swim up bar or dining center or simply as a resting bench for swimmers.

Bar tables.jpg

Sheer Descents

A Sheer Descent, whether installed on a straight or curved edge, creates a sheet or curtain of falling water while a Rain Descent gives the appearance of individual strands. Concealing the feature under the pool coping adds an unexpected dramatic visual element.

2021-07-16 13.12.45.jpg


Scuppers are mounted perpendicular to a wall and form a ledge or shelf that carries the water to a basin below. Generally made of chemical resistant copper or stainless steel, they are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

2020-11-20 12.32.58.jpg


Fountain Bubblers can shoot water upward in the manner of a geyser from a few inches to several feet above the waterline. Positioned within a wet deck, they are a favorite among small children.

2020-11-20 12.33.01.jpg

Deck Jets & Laminars

Deck Jets are installed flush to surfaces such as concrete decks or gunite pool walls and spout a graceful arc of water, some reaching eight feet, before splashing down. Laminars are like deck jets, but the stream of water is smooth and defined more like a glass tube and vibrantly colored for dazzling nighttime displays.

Deck Jets.jpg

Wok Pots

Wok Pot or Wok Bowls are vessels placed on the edge or near the pool that contain plant material, flames of a fire feature or water that spills into the swimming pool. Most often manufactured of precast concrete, they can come in an assortment of materials such as metal or stone and styles from simple to ornate.

Wok pot.jpg
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